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CompositionComposite Portland Cement PC 400 and PC 300 KD20 KD 20 - a modern building material, which are contained in the special mineral additives that improve the technological characteristics of the cement. It is used in the construction of various buildings, plays an important role when durability facilities are also important indicators for frost-and water-resistance. Well-suited for the construction of structures that require extra strength, for example, in housing and in the construction of industrial buildings capital, shops and other facilities. With the use of a composite made of Portland cement industrial production of concrete blocks and reinforced concrete structures. Also made a lot of small sized building elements. Such cement composition is typically included in various concrete mixtures and solutions.



In the individual building composite Portland cement is used for self-mixing tile adhesives, fillers and various plasters, etc.


Is an environmentally friendly building material, so it can be used in a variety of areas, since it does not contain any chemical additives which may release toxic substances during the operation of the building.



The advantages of composite Portland cement is the first of its composition, which contains special mineral additives, making mortar safely withstand contact with aggressive media. These mineral supplements significantly increase the water resistance and temperature resistance properties of cement.


For obvious advantages of composite Portland cement should include the fact that its composition does not contain various chemical additives, making this building material is safe and can be used in the construction of various buildings. This cement has high resistance to temperatures during abnormal operation of buildings.


The apparent advantage of this type of cement is its high resistance to low temperatures in the northern latitudes, the high degree of resistance to the adverse effects of water, as in its composition have special mineral additives. With these supplements this type of cement is characterized by high rates of resistance to different temperature regimes and anomalous atmospheric phenomena. Has a simple way to prepare working solutions.


Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the composite Portland cement, usually called its stamp, which may be M-100, M-200 and M-300, the ratio in the mixture of cement, sand and gravel. Packaged cement in a special four-layer paper bags, which can be transported and stored under conditions that ensure the safety of packaging, which protects against possible cement hydration.


Composite Portland Cement is unique in its quality of construction materials, which ensures the reliability and durability of the structures.





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