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Rubble from dense rocks

Rubble from dense rocksRubble from dense rocks SCHPS - granular inorganic particulate material obtained by crushing rock, incidentally extracted overburden and host rock or rejects mining enterprises, followed by sieving products division.







Factions St.. 40 mm to 70 mm

Factions St.. 20 to 40 mm

Factions sv.5 mm to 20 mm

Factions sv.5 mm to 10 mm



The advantages of such rocks, and consequently derived from the rubble they are strength, frost resistance, water resistance. All these qualities are essential in building.


This type of gravel is the most popular in road construction, is widely used in the manufacture of reinforced concrete, is used when pouring foundations important structures and manufacturing durable concrete structures.


Rubble from dense rock fines can be used for decorative purposes.


Crushed stone and sand mix (SCHPS) - a building material of natural origin, which results from the weathering of rocks or rock crushing industrial way.


SCHPS applied to the device covers, bases and extra base layers of roads and airfields, to strengthen the shoulders of roads.


Quality of rubble by a number of its properties: strength, frost resistance, flakiness, radioactivity, etc.

The products meet the highest quality standards for all major parameters:


1. Strength

It characterizes the durability of the material during operation.

High rates of resistance to various stresses rubble ensure long service life of road surfaces.


2. Frost-resistance

The ability of a rock in a water-saturated able to withstand multiple alternate freezing and thawing. Characteristics of frost rubble determined in the laboratory, by saturating the rubble of sodium sulphate solution and then drying it. In fact frost - it's limit on the number of cycles of freezing and thawing for each brand of rubble.


3. Flakiness

Determines the degree of flatness of rubble as a percentage based on the content of plate and needle grains (grain thickness or width of more than 3 times lower than their lengths).

The lower the inclusion of such a form, the greater the compaction gives styling and so it is stronger.


4. Radioactivity

Activity of natural radionuclides, which is determined after the establishment of radiation-hygienic evaluation of soil from the place of production and confirmed by the relevant certificates conclusions.

Crushed I-grade radioactivity (less than 370Bk/kg) is suitable for all types of construction work, such rubble of radiation is not dangerous.

Crushed by an enterprise LLC "Evraz" is a high strength (M1200, M1400), has a good performance frost (F300), flakiness (I, II group) and under the I-th class of radioactivity.





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