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Plates for sidewalks

Paving of sidewalks - is one of the most popular types of concrete products used in both practical and aesthetic purposes.


Concrete paving slabs are needed:


Device for sidewalks and walkways crossing w / rail tracks;

as a means of paving way for the entrance to buildings and facilities;

in the process of improvement of gardens and parks;

for a rational organization of industrial areas and in many other cases.


Concrete paving slabs: convenience and quality

By paving slabs presented a range of heavy duty applications that best fit is concrete paving slabs instead of continuous paving. Pavements should combine high functionality, aesthetic appearance, not to be a foreign body in any terrain, be subject to rapid and simple repairs fragmented. Products Ltd. "SEC" category "paving slab reinforced" fully meets the above standards, as well as different:


high resistance to wear and tear;

Long-term use;

minimal moisture absorption;

resistant to low temperatures (frost).





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