The main properties of Portland cement (GOST 10178-85) are fineness, water demand, setting time, soundness and strength (Mark): cement. If desired value and other properties: density, bulk density,


Portland cement grouting PTC I-100 refers to a special type of portland cement. It is designed for concreting of oil and gas wells. It consists of crushed clinker and cement.


Composite Portland Cement PC 400 and PC 300 KD20 KD 20 - a modern building material, which are contained in the special mineral additives that improve the technological characteristics of the cement.

Sulfate resistant

Very well-known brand of Portland cement SSPC 400 D0. Sulfate Portland cement is produced by co-fine grinding of Portland cement clinker, gypsum.

Rubble from dense rocks

Rubble from dense rocks SCHPS - granular inorganic particulate material obtained by crushing rock, incidentally extracted overburden and host rock or rejects mining enterprises, followed by sieving

Welding Electrodes

Welding electrodes with basic coating UONII-13/55, designed especially for welding important structures made of carbon and low-alloy steels, when the metal welds are increased requirements for

Refractory fireclay brick

At present, the main and most reliable building material is brick. Everyone knows that calcium silicate brick is divided into (a mixture of lime, various additives, sand) and ceramic.

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