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Awards and achievements

During the years of independence Kyzylkumcement awarded:

- In 2000, the decision of the International Selection Committee and the Resolution of the 17th International European Convention awarded "Cup quality certificate" in Madrid, Spain.

- In 2001, the company's decision "Global Quality Management" (Beijing, China) - for stability in quality, awarded International Gold Cup and certificate.

- In 2002, the company's decision "GQM" (London, UK) was awarded the title for its high quality products.

- In 2003, the 3-international symposium, organized by the "Ecosan" was awarded a diploma 1st degree.

- In 2005, the company received a certificate of international standard ISO 9001 in 2000.

- In 2007-2008, organized within the framework of activities of the Health and Environment presented the diplomas to the enterprise-grade 1 confirms the competence of the organization.

-In 2012 was awarded a diploma of Ecology Movement of Uzbekistan.

Also, as of 01.01.2012, in the work of Kyzylkumcement:

- 27 members of Afghan developments;

- Award of the Order "Mehnat shuhrati" - 1 person;

- Award medal "Shukhrat" - 3 person;

- Honored Worker of Industry - 3 person;

- Awarded the Order of "Friendship" - 1person;




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