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New products

New productsIn the process of modernization of production "Qizilqumsement" and procurement of technological equipment only in 2009 2012y launched the production of several new types of cement products.










In 2009, in order to ensure gypsum raw material in the quarry "Kurgoncha" were carried out geological exploration work. Were recovered:


2009 - 21,000 tons;

2010 - 52485 tons;

2011 - 188081 tons of gypsum and is used in the manufacture of cement.




In a career Diabase-pyroxenite exploration work was carried out in October 2007 and in November began removing Diabase-pyroxenite with grades in the oxide of iron and alumina.


2009 - 859,300 tons

2010 - 770600 tons

2011 - 771,850 tons diabase-pyroxenite have been produced and used in the cement industry.



Portland M500 D0

In the month of May 2009 was set separators in closed-mill unit number 1, which allowed the organization of production of high-quality cement with high strength M500D0.


2009 - 670 tons;

2010 - 190,682.28 tons;

2011 - 163 574.88 tons of Portland cement M500D0 were produced in the company "Qizilqumsement".


In May 2012 began production of a new type of cement used in the manufacture of the OCA asbesttsementa. Produced more than 10684.4tn products of this kind.


In the month of March 2012 to the wishes of consumers launched production of cement grade PC500 D5 and produced more than 8409tn cement.





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