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Protection of the environment


Protection of the environmentОАО "Qizilqumsement" is one of the largest enterprises for the production of strategically important construction materials - cement produced by a dry process.


Over the past 4 years the team ""Qizilqumsement"" revived to its former glory and now produces more than 48% of the cement produced in Uzbekistan.

The volume of production during this period increased from 1 million tons 287tys. cement and 2 million tons 325tys, the growth rate was more than 180%. In the last year exported abroad for more than one-third of cement produced, which is 6.5 times more than in 2000.

Many times the company receives high international quality awards - in 2000 in Spain, in 2001 in China and 2002 in the UK.


Protection of the environmentAdvances in the culture of the enterprise production and improving the environment in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 years International Foundation Diploma marked "Ecosan".


In 2005, the company received a certificate confirming the introduction of quality management system according to the international standard ISO - 9001:2000 German certification company «RW TUV», increased competitiveness and export potential of the enterprise.


Stepwise execution of the government program of localization of production has significantly improved the capacity and increase the production of quality products, while using the resource-saving technologies. For example, at the expense of internal resources put into operation a new career, workshops and production lines. The enterprise has launched production of fireclay refractory bricks, organized by areas of repair and restoration of electric motors, as well as for the production of crushed stone.


Measures for the protection of nature.

Protection of the environmentFor 2006, developed, approved and coordinated with the local authorities of the State Inspectorate and 30 health control measures for the protection of nature.


In accordance with the scheduled program to improve the environmental condition of the company for the year 2006 holds 29 events (one event A.10 rescheduled for 2007 in consultation with the Committee for the Protection of Nature), including an overhaul of electric hot and cold ends of the furnace number 1 , maintenance of purification equipment for all process stages of the plant, sealing and compaction process equipment, manufacturing of cases bag filters FRKI-30 in the shop, "Pray" and their installation on the grounds of Belleville feeders and node suction clinker in the number of 5p., in the production shop refractory bricks.


Protection of the environmentCompleted installation of bag filters FRKI-30: Number of 2p. supplements and over the bunker on the node shipments, were replaced by the suction pipe plant clinker silos "Firing" made ​​installation of moisture in the area DSC-2. in the shop, "Aspiration" completed the construction of a pumping station speaker dampening second production line reconstruction shaking mechanisms for electrostatic hot and cold ends of the furnace number 3, insulation housings of electrostatic precipitators. Performed routine maintenance of the treatment plant of mining production, repair of water supply and sewerage systems energotseha.

Carried out routine cleaning of process equipment maintenance platforms and territories workshops, waste production (sales rubble and processing it into rubble, scrap refractory bricks, waste fluorescent lamps), rubbish collection, cleaning and planning of land contaminated waste (factory dump).


Protection of the environmentWith the acquisition of jetting "BelAZ" provided constant hydration quarries, roads and grounds enterprise;-bus "LiAZ" and "Nexia" in AP transferred to gas fuel. Implemented 12890sht landing. a variety of ornamental and fruit trees, vines and roses in the number 1212sht., planted flowers, lawn grass, was provided constant watering and care of the plantings, including seedling vegetables

The work on the design and production of environmental labels on products and wastes, which are the objects of sale.

Work is continuing on the development of technical standards in the field of environmental protection: draft EIS for the expansion of branch packaging, certification of bag filters, replacement or reconstruction of the past, the feasibility study on the biological treatment of wastewater, and the project developed an inventory of ELVs EIS projects for the reconstruction of the fuel oil agriculture, construction of gas-filling stations, building site car wash in the garage, the construction of drinking water pipeline Damhodzha-dispensary and technical water "r.Zaravshan-dispensary", a project by the EPZs career quartz sands project "PDS", the project of land reclamation. Held gosekoekspertiza draft EIS, received a positive opinion on these objects. Implementation of the environmental cleanup program allows you to maintain the ability of the equipment to the proper level, resulting in the specific emissions per ton of product decreased from 2.05 kg / t to 1.45 kg / t and an overall reduction of emissions in 2006 compared to 2005 was 1,250 , 706 tons degree of purification of solids increased from 99.52% to 99.59%. Emissions do not exceed the MPE.


During 2006, the staff of the company participated in the implementation of the program of the 1st and the 2nd and 3rd stages of the "Days of Ecology and Health", dedicated to the "Year of Charity and Medical Workers" by providing preventive measures aimed at improving the working conditions and aesthetics and improving production standards. Funds earned by charity khashars 18.03.06g. and 03.06.06g. 04.11.06g., Directed to the account of the regional office of the International Fund "Ecosan". By participating in the conduct of Subbotniks improvement, gardening and sanitation territory of the enterprise, all of us together have achieved 'significant successes that can really see every one of us. And it's nice to see not only us, but also the guests who visit our factory and do not get tired surprised achieved change.


At our enterprise is established, documented, implemented and maintained in working order Management System). Quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2000. One of the strategic goals set by the leadership in the "Politics" is - reducing the impact of hazards on the environment.


Protection of the environmentTo this end, the plant developed a "Program for the Protection of Nature", the implementation of which allows to continuously improve the environmental condition of the plant. The program provides for the implementation of a number of measures to moisture of raw materials and additives, dust suppression seats shipments of materials, conduct current and capital repairs of cleaning equipment, reconstruction of vacuum systems, maintenance, cleaning power equipment at a high level, waste disposal, etc. Following the results of 2005, we have reduced emissions by 475t - this is a good indicator, because at the same time we are increasing the number of products and the emissions do not exceed prescribed limits.


Providing preventive measures to improve the sanitary condition of employment, improved working conditions and aesthetics, greater environmental production standards, participating in carrying out voluntary work landscaping, gardening and sanitation territory of the enterprise, we all have made significant changes.


Advances in the culture of the enterprise production and improve the environment annually from 2001 to 2005, awarded diplomas of the International Fund "Ecosan".






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